Management & Career – Olaf Drewicke


The demands placed on managers and employees in the digitalised world of work are growing rapidly. This also applies to the individual challenges and personal wishes regarding one's professional career and personal satisfaction. These topics are at the centre of my work as a consultant, coach and initiator. If you are thinking about your future career, then I am the right person to talk to. Together, we can define goals and develop new perspectives.


I also help companies to develop and implement their personnel strategies. Whether you are looking to implement a small or large-scale change project, I am your professional partner, management coach and moderator for corporate management as a whole as well as for individual executives. I am also glad to provide active support for employees on individual issues.


Let's talk about good personnel management and a successful career!

Direct communication, trusting conversation and honesty so tangible you can see it in your counterpart's eyes: In my view, factors such as these are what characterise modern, appreciative, employee-oriented personnel work, and they help foster healthy, resilient companies. Talk to me if you want open, honest communication that does not try to conform to established patterns but rather is tailored to meet your specific needs.


Careers and personnel development are not straightforward and agile, and contemporary personnel management is only successful if it fits a company's character as well as the needs of its employees. Employers who want to remain attractive in the future promote the productivity of each individual employee in many different ways, are mindful of their work-life balance and continuously offer new opportunities for personal and professional development. Employees are not the only ones who benefit from this. Companies also reap rewards in the form of long-term success, profitability and growth.

Career advice


"'Career' is a very complex term. My goal is to help people find – and live – their own definition for the word 'career'."


Individuals who generally have high expectations also expect a lot from their careers. I sincerely want to help people to develop their potential and assist them in finding a path in life that they feel good about and can identify with. As a career counsellor, I look forward to discussing how to advance your career, reviewing your goals, and helping you to achieve the results you want. Whether you are looking for advice and support in your work routine or whether you need a coach and solution provider in acute conflict situations or crises: In me you have an experienced conversation partner who is well connected in the market, listens to you closely and looks for answers together with you. I can give you feedback that will help you make real progress. Let's work together to find solutions that you can be happy with in the long term.


Your partner for New Placement / Outplacement


If companies are looking to support their employees to develop within the company, to find new tasks or to get their bearings regarding their future career when leaving the company, I am happy to be your trustworthy conversation partner. In a working world with a rapidly increasing pace of change, I help your employees to find clarity, to hone their strengths and to break new ground. I am happy to be a part of this process in the long term: ideally, until the employee and their new responsibilities fit together very well – possibly even in a new company environment.

Management consulting


"The personnel management practiced by companies that want to be successful in the future is not based on templates. It is as agile as the most modern employees."


If a company wants to develop successfully, it needs one resource more than any other: highly qualified employees who enjoy their work, develop with their responsibilities and are committed to their jobs. This means that personnel work is a long-term strategic task characterised by a constant stream of new challenges.


I am convinced that every company has to find its own individual way to position itself as a good employer, to promote the career paths of its employees and to make personnel management as effective as possible. So when you talk to me, it's not just about smart concepts: Above all, it is about taking concrete steps to achieve your desired goals. I am the right partner when it comes to your personnel strategy and management, the development of your organisation, the team setup and personnel selection.


Agility, leadership culture and organisational design – the great responsibility for personnel management

Companies can ensure long-term success by implementing good personnel and organisational development. To this end, I provide consultation to help you work successfully in the long term – for example...


... in project and change management:
Companies need to gear up for ongoing digitalisation and react even faster to trends and changing customer needs. I help you to effectively renew company structures and set new priorities, even in the face of possible resistance;


... in the further development of the management culture:
Where business is subject to rapid transformation, a leadership culture is needed that can grow with change. Health and resilience of all employees are the optimal results of this kind of good leadership. I am your partner for strategic leadership development as well as for the selection and coaching of executives;


... on management methods:
Successful companies question and review their motivation structures and goals with a view to long-term effects. I help you to develop new perspectives – for example, through agility and agile management that rethinks structures and increases flexibility;


... in the digitalisation of your work:
Talented, well-trained employees are specifically looking for companies that provide a working experience that fits their lifestyle and will enable them to achieve a good work-life balance. For example, I can help you to use approaches such as Design Thinking to modernise the workplace and reach attractive agreements at your company;


... in the implementation of ERP systems:

As someone with hands-on experience, I know that digital technology can be a real strength in personnel management. I can help you to identify the best software solution, develop the process design together with your team – and of course support you during the operational introduction and implementation.

About me


"More than anything else, managers today need to understand human nature. In my view, good leadership is above all appreciative leadership."


The goals that have motivated me in my work as a personnel manager and in leadership roles for many years are to develop personnel work in companies in such a way that they meet the requirements and wishes of a digitalised world of work and to provide long-term support and consultation for careers in such a way that people experience a lot of fun and satisfaction on their professional paths. I would be happy to work together with you to evaluate your needs and help you achieve your goals in a very practical way.


The benefits I can provide: experience and a sense of responsibility

After studying politics and economics, I trained as a personnel and organisational developer at an international management consultancy. Since then, my goal has been to implement a suitable strategy in corporate practice.


In my own professional career, I have had a decisive influence on personnel and organisational development and have put my heart and soul into bringing about important changes. I have worked in management positions and been part of international teams at medium-sized companies and large corporations, for example as a manager in Corporate Personnel Development at Jungheinrich AG, as Head of Personnel Development at a production site of Grundfos A/S, as Head of Personnel at Muehlhan AG and most recently as International Human Resources Manager at Reemtsma/Imperial Brands. This has enabled me to build up a wealth of knowledge and excellent contacts over the past twenty years of my professional life.


I have continued to work on subjects that are of particular value to successful personnel work: intelligent ERP systems for sustainable and transparent personnel management, company agreements that meet the needs of their demanding employees, the definition of personnel development for excellent executives, and the introduction and implementation of key personnel strategies and tools, such as competency models and 360-degree feedback.


I am comfortable working in German and English. It brings me great satisfaction to use my know-how in companies that want sincere advice, to be a source of inspiration and to contribute to your company's success in the role of a coach.